Bali will be the meeting place of the world’s biggest leaders this November as it hosts the G20 Summit for the very first time.

Every nations’ eye will be on Indonesia as 21,000 leaders and delegates from countries including China, Russia, The United States and more will be convening under Summit Chairman and Indonesian President Joko Widodo to discuss global political and economic stature for the G20 Summit.

During the 15th and 16th of November, Indonesia will be presenting three major priorities to G20 in hopes of further international growth between nations. These goals include global health architecture, digital transformation, and sustainable energy transition. Indonesia, with the help of multiple organizations, is aimed to achieve a more inclusive and equitable global health system, stronger digital and collaborative worldwide economy, and cleaner and conservative energy efficiency in order to bring international peace and prosperity.

The goals are in thematic keeping with Bali’s future infrastructure developments which include a 41.5-hectare health tourism park in Sanur starting with the construction of Bali International Hospital, as well as an electric light rail transit system to improve movability.

With Bali being a threshold for growth and change, Indonesia welcomes people of all nationalities to come and explore what the country has to offer. With the implementation of stronger infrastructure and spectacular tourist attractions, Bali has become a place where anyone can feel welcome and secure, which is what makes it the perfect location for the 2022 G20 Summit.

With the Summit only months away, Indonesia is eagerly prepping Bali for the historical event. The G20 forum represents 80% of the worlds GDP (gross domestic product), 75% of global exports, and 60% of the global population. Due to the significance and magnitude of the G20 forum, Indonesia will be heavily impacted after hosting the Summit. In fact, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, countries that host the G20 Summit, “generate more than US $100 million (approximately IDR 1.4 trillion) in revenue for the host country.”

Not only is the country benefiting financially from the G20 Presidency, but hosting the Summit also provides Indonesia with global credibility and trust. With stronger credibility comes improved foreign policy and diplomacy, which will push Indonesia up the global ranks.

The G20 Summit showcases Indonesia’s economic flourishing and eagerness for International business. As Bali is already a top global tourist destination, it’s able to cater for the large global event and the expected long-term increase in foreign visitors to the island.

Bali’s long-term economic outlook has enticed many shrewd investors eager to capitalise on the island’s continued success. As stated by CBRE’s Bali Market Prospect for 2022 – “Bali presents a great opportunity for savvy investor [with a] heavy flows of deals [expected] in 2022.”

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