Demand for Uluwatu property is soaring. The area’s iconic ocean views, dramatic cliffs, white sand beach, famed surf spots and strategic location in Bali’s Southern Peninsula are key reasons that are attracting tourists and residents to the area.

Nothing beats waking up to unobstructed ocean views from high on the cliff front – with the dramatic jutting rocks and white sand beach below. It is an iconic Bali experience only found on the island’s southern peninsula.

Authentic cliff-front land is an absolute rarity. As the region’s popularity soars, shrewd investors are poised to capitalize on the limited land with some opportunistic property investments.

uluwatu beach

Bingin beach is in the Pecatu region on the western side of Bali’s peninsula. This area is also called the “Bukit peninsula” with “Bukit” translating to “hill” in English. The whole area is also known colloquially as Uluwatu.

Bingin beach lies between the famous Dreamland beach and Padang Padang beach – a few minutes from the storied cliff-front temple & surf breaks of Uluwatu.

Historically, popular beaches and corresponding regions like Kuta are congested with tourists, surf schools, and feature a more built-up shopping district. However, Bingin offers a more relaxed and secluded Island atmosphere.

On the cliffs above Bingin beach, visitors are treated to some of the greatest ocean and sunset views Bali offers. While down below, beach lovers can indulge in Bingin’s pillowy white sand, crystal-clear turquoise water and unique offshore rock formations.

Meanwhile, all within a short drive are more than 15 of the most beautiful beaches in Bali – as well as top cafes, restaurants, and ‘beach club’-style cliff clubs like Ulu Cliffhouse, Single Fin, El Kabron, and the internationally renowned Savaya making the region known for entertainment as well as an island lifestyle.

For example:

  • The Ngurah Rai Airport (40 minutes drive).
  • Hospitals (20 – 40 minutes).
  • International schools (20 – 40 minutes)
  • Shopping (10 – 30 minutes)
  • Restaurants (5 minutes)
  • and more!
bingin uluwatu beachfront

For decades, Bingin beach and its surroundings have been a mecca for surfers – coming from all corners of the globe to enjoy the island’s best waves. While that’s still the case, the demographic is evolving.

Today, one can find a community of surfers, entrepreneurs, and nature lovers basking in Bingin’s tall cliff sides covered in lush maritime forest greenery. Compared to other popular areas in Bali, Bingin residential areas aren’t congested, giving residents more privacy and seclusion.

Residents and visitors find natural tropical environments while still being close to world-class resorts, restaurants and shopping. Bingin is a popular area for families due to its fresh air, close distance to several beautiful beaches and peace away from the bustling city life to the north of the peninsula.

Rising Demand for Uluwatu Real Estate

Demand is rising for the area, and listing growth increased by 43% from 2017 to 2019. Meanwhile, Google Trends reports the search term “Bingin” is experiencing an all-time high interest in 2023. What makes Uluwatu and Bingin beach stand out most is their potential for a return on investment. Bali investments already have a high ROI on average, from 8-12%. Hence, Bingin has special potential for an even higher return on investment in real estate due to its trending popularity and rarity of prime cliff-front land.

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Furthermore, to support this rapidly growing demand of tourists, residents and investors, the local government is vastly improving infrastructure to improve the convenience and quality of life.

Limited Supply of Cliff-Front Land

True cliff-front land in Bali is rare, and Bingin, Uluwatu is no exception. This makes it a highly sought-after commodity. With a limited supply of available cliff-front land, the value of cliff-front properties in Uluwatu is likely to increase significantly in the future. This means that investing in property in Bingin now can provide a high return on investment in the long run.

Strong Demand for Luxury Properties

Bingin is home to several luxury villas and resorts that cater to high-end tourists and expatriates who seek privacy, exclusivity, and a taste of the authentic Balinese lifestyle. These upscale properties are in high demand, and there is a shortage of them in the area. This presents an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the strong demand by renting out luxury properties that cater to this market.

Strong Rental Potential

Bingin is a popular destination for short-term rentals, which can generate significant income for property owners. The area’s popularity with tourists and expatriates, coupled with the limited supply of luxury property, means that there is a strong demand for rental properties in Bingin. This presents an opportunity for investors to generate passive income through short-term rentals.

Favourable Legal and Regulatory Environment

The Indonesian government has made significant efforts to attract foreign investment to the country, including recently introducing the Second Home Visa. This visa allows foreigners to stay in the country for five or ten years. It also helps them carry out business activities, like investing and entrepreneurship. This is particularly useful for any foreigners looking to buy a villa in Bali or start an investment in Bali. It makes the island an even more attractive destination for foreign investors who are looking to invest in the region’s property market.

Bingin and the Uluwatu region is an intelligent investment opportunity for savvy investors who are looking for high returns on their investments. The limited supply of cliff-front land, strong demand for luxury rental properties, and favourable legal and regulatory environment make the region an attractive destination for investors. So, if you are looking for a promising investment opportunity in Bali, consider investing in Bingin land today.

Amali Luxury Residence

Amali Luxury Residence – Elevated luxury living

Mirah Investment & Development has recently announced the launch of Amali Luxury Residence, offering turnkey luxury serviced apartments & penthouses on the Uluwatu cliff front with breathtaking panoramic views across the Indian Ocean and the white sand beaches below.

Nestled high on the cliffs of Bali’s southernmost peninsula – Amali Luxury Residence introduces serviced & stylish living to the cliff tops over one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches. It presents a unique prospect for those searching to buy property in Bali – the chance to own coveted cliff-front real estate.

Amali Luxury Residence is designed to offer a completely turnkey experience for property buyers interested in Bali & seeking hassle-free real estate investment. The optional rental management programme provides high passive returns through rental revenue and high capital appreciation. Investors can buy direct from Bali’s leading property developer with end-to-end legal and financial services.

Bingin Beach Bali: A lifestyle for everyone

Buying property in Bali – and especially in Bingin – is not just an investment. It’s a lifestyle. The area has something for everyone.

Single entrepreneurs, families, retirees and everyone in between can find something that suits them. Beach clubs, yoga studios, golf courses, surf hangouts, cafes, galleries and more dot the villages in and around Bingin Beach.

It’s one of the most exciting up-and-coming communities in Bali and investors don’t want to miss out.

So, for those looking to capitalise on Bingin Beach property, contact Mirah Investment & Development today to see what opportunities are available.

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