Buying off-plan property allows you to maximise your return on investment by purchasing brand-new property below the average market value. If you’re new to this concept, don’t worry – in this article, Mirah Investment & Development draws from its expertise as Bali’s leading property developer to explain the concept and the benefits of buying off-plan property in Bali.

Buying off-plan: what is it?

Buying off-plan property is when someone buys a property from a builder’s plan instead of a pre-existing property.

Most of Mirah Investment & Development’s projects are available for purchase during and even before a project’s construction phase. In fact, almost all projects are sold-out long before they are completed.

Kiara Ocean Place is a luxury serviced apartment building in Batu Belig – it has almost sold out from off-plan sales after only launching in November 2022. Currently, one unit is available from a total of 62 apartments.

There are plenty of benefits for potential investors and buyers; all of which can lead to a substantially higher return on investment for Bali real estate.

De Vello - Off-plan Villas in Berawa, Bali

The benefits of buying off-plan property in Bali

One can explore numerous Bali investments, but few offer as many benefits as off-plan property. These are as follows:

Saving money on Bali investments

The most obvious advantage of buying off-plan property is that investors can purchase a new property below market value. Typically, savings are around 5%-10%. That puts savings in the tens of thousands – making it a great, low-cost way to start an investment portfolio.

High capital appreciation

Aside from purchasing the property at a better price, the potential for high returns is present from the capital appreciation on the asset once construction is complete. Mirah Investment & Development often see a 20% – 25% increase in asset value upon completion.

Some highlighted examples:

  • Secana Beachtown: Early investors who bought off-plan reported a return on investment (ROI) of 35% once nearing completion.
  • The Ombak Dua Luxury Residence: Early off-plan buyers reported an average of 40% in returns from the purchase price to the property value upon completion.
  • Cocana Resorts: Early off-plan buyers of the Lagoon Suite bought an asset that sold more than double its original price.

Security & flexibility

Off-plan properties allow you to get in on the ground floor of a new development, securing your investment early on while there is still availability. Additionally, off-plan properties often come with an extended payment plan that allows you to spread the property’s cost over time.

Quality, time, and resources.

Buying an off-plan property provides you with the unique advantage of being able to see the construction phase. For example, Mirah Investment & Development provide off-plan buyers with periodic construction update videos and images – letting buyers keep an eye on the process and giving them peace of mind about the build quality.

Mirah Investment & Development takes care of the design and builds process from start to finish. It’s less time-consuming for buyers than overseeing a construction project for themselves and diminishes issues or surprises as to the build quality that you might get from buying a pre-existing property.

Buying off-plan means you can sit back, relax and reap the benefits without the stress.

In-demand and high-quality properties

Mirah Investment & Development’s mission is to provide investors with the best opportunities possible. This is accomplished by only building high-quality properties in in-demand areas. The services don’t end with design and construction – on top of the legal, taxation, and immigration services provided during the purchase process – Mirah Investment & Development often offers optional rental management programs for their developments, giving investors a white-glove service, that is with them throughout the entire lifecycle of their investment.

How to buy off-plan property in Bali

Now knowing the definition of off-plan property and all its benefits, how does one go about buying property in Bali?

Mirah Investment & Development has several ongoing and upcoming development projects to choose from in the best locations across Indonesia.

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