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Alexia Dubus
Alexia Dubus
Head Designer

Meet Alexia Dubus

Coming all the way from Paris, France, Alexia is the definition of extravagant and creative. Her skills in creative design are unmatched as she has been in the industry for over 10 years now and has designed multiple of Mirah Investment and Development’s properties and luxury villas.

So, what brought you to Bali?

“I came here to work on a project for a friend. However, I discovered that you could do everything unmeasured here in Bali. When you’re in France, everything is very ‘catalog’ style; brand style sofas, furniture, everything is from a catalog, but Bali is different. I fell in love with the artisan life here.”

“Bali gave me the freedom to be fully creative. There are no limits.”

After designing a restaurant in Bali, and some individual projects of her own, Alexia decided to close her company she had in France and move to Bali so she could continue growing her distinctive originality. Once in Bali, she continued to expand and flourish her designs. But before diving into Alexia’s present work, we need to investigate her past.

What made you want to be an interior designer and architect?

When I was young, I was really creative. I was painting and drawing all the time, but I was not really an artist. I started messing around with furniture and designs in my own bedroom. I created a sofa corner and made my own curtains. I was really into ambient environments.”

“I didn’t fit in with the artists, I was more into designing.”

When Alexia got older and started going through her teenage years, she was constantly asked what she wanted to do after school. Like many of us, she didn’t know what exactly her future contained. All she knew was she didn’t want to be involved in anything regiment: economics, mathematics, history, etc.

“Some people told me that maybe I should do interior design or architecture. But I was scared it was too mathematical and limiting. I wanted my work to be smaller and more sophisticated, and all focused on what the human body can see and touch. In France, you can only be one or the other, an architect or an interior designer.”

“But in Bali, I can be both, an architect and an interior designer. I have infinite possibilities.”

secana beachtown

What are some important things to consider when designing or building a project?

“It doesn’t always have to be beautiful. Interior design is unique because we all have different tastes, but what makes a design or project good isn’t how it looks, but how it makes you feel. It sounds cheesy, but it matters. You have to think about what emotion someone will get when they walk into the room. Does it make them feel confident? Safe? Comfortable? The environments we create need to allow space for people to interact with their friends and create good memories…”

“…What makes a design or project good isn’t how it looks, but how it makes you feel.”

amali penthouse

“It also needs to be ‘Instagramable.’ This only started about 4 or 5 years ago. People began wanting to go certain places just to take pictures and post them on their social media. At first, it pissed me off. However, taking these photos promotes an ambient environment that makes people feel comfortable, so it makes sense that people want to share it…”

As Alexia successfully continued to construct and assemble her work, she joined Mirah Investment & Development to help design luxury real estate properties throughout Bali. Promising to leave a strong impact, Alexia built up a team of designers and architects to begin working on Mirah Investment & Development’s stunning projects.

“I love Mirah. They have interesting projects and let me use my imagination freely. [Mirah] isn’t shy; they let me be bold with my designs and let me play around with different themes and textures…”

“I enjoy working with Mirah [Investment & Development] because they’re ambitious.”

“The projects are always changing and challenging and they’re not repetitive. It’s all about the experience, and Mirah lets me have that experience…”

Alexia has designed multiple of Mirah Investment & Development’s projects including Secana Beachtown and Kuara. More recently, Alexia has put her heart into the new NILA Residence that will be in the centre of Berawa. With the latest amenities and a quaint cul-de-sac location, these 19 private pool villas are nothing short of refreshing and rejuvenating.

NILA Residence offers affordable 2, 3, 4 or 6-bedroom homes made with earthy materials and bespoke interiors that ensure elevated living as well as strong returns through rental revenue.

Mirah Investment & Development offers a large variety of 5-star investment properties all throughout Indonesia, as well as exceptional legal & financial services for both foreign and domestic clients.

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