Announcing the launch of Bali-born SOMOSHOTELS, a revolutionary brand reshaping lifestyle hospitality with four international locations in the pipeline. This new venture from Mirah Investment & Development debuts with SOMOSHOTELS Uluwatu, heralding a new era in Bali’s dynamic Uluwatu region.

BALI, INDONESIA – November 15, 2023

In a significant move that marks a new era in hospitality, the launch of SOMOSHOTELS, a revolutionary lifestyle hotel brand, has been proudly announced. Born from Mirah Investment & Development, SOMOSHOTELS is set to redefine the boundaries of traditional hospitality with its unique concept and innovative approach.

At the core of SOMOSHOTELS is a vision to create spaces that are not just places to stay, but vibrant hubs of creativity, culture, and connection. The brand is designed to resonate with the modern late-millennial who seeks more than just a hotel room; they seek experiences, stories, and a sense of belonging. SOMOSHOTELS promises to deliver this through its thoughtful design, curated experiences, and commitment to sustainability and local culture.

Urban chic, tropical soul that's SOMOSHOTELS.
Uluwatu, Bali

SOMOSHOTELS, a Bali-born brand, epitomizes the island’s unique blend of “Urban chic and Tropical Soul.”

Bali has emerged as a global hospitality hotspot, renowned for its distinctive culture and vibrant ambience. The launch of SOMOSHOTELS underscores Bali’s growing status as a world-class destination, offering a unique mix of cultural richness and trendsetting lifestyle experiences.

The first location to open under the SOMOSHOTELS banner is SOMOSHOTELS Uluwatu, situated in the beautiful and bustling region of Bingin, Uluwatu. This flagship property encapsulates the brand’s ethos bringing elements of an urban city hotel to the Uluwatu main eat-street, with a unique tropical lifestyle twist.


“With its 250-room hotel, pool day club, multiple restaurants & retail venues, a fitness centre with recovery facilities, spa, yoga studio, and events spaces for exhibitions, SOMOSHOTELS Uluwatu is poised to become a landmark destination in Bali.”

“Launching SOMOSHOTELS is a milestone for us, and we are very excited to see our vision come to life with the first Uluwatu location,” said Jonathan Hedar, Chairman of Mirah Investment & Development. “This project is the culmination of our professional growth in hospitality and development, combining our expertise in design and branding. This builds upon our successes with Secana Beachtown in Berawa and Cocana Resort in Gili Trawangan. This expertise enriches this further expansion into the hospitality and real estate sectors.”

Co-working space with creative content studios is just some of the facilities available.

SOMOSHOTELS is not just a new hotel brand; it is a movement that seeks to create a global network of hotels that are as much about lifestyle and community as they are about providing a place to stay.

Following the launch of SOMOSHOTELS Uluwatu, the brand has plans for international expansion, with upcoming locations including SOMOSHOTELS Bangkok (2025), SOMOSHOTELS Cambodia (2025), and SOMOSHOTELS Phuket (2026).

This venture is the latest in a line of successful hospitality development projects from Mirah Investment & Development, including Secana Beachtown in Berawa, Bali, Cocana Resort on Gili Trawangan, and with Kuara Resorts, Kiara Ocean Place, Nila Residences, and more all set to open in 2024.

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