Mirah Investment and Development recently announced the launch of NILA Residence. With a distinct style unlike any other residential Bali property, these new villas are sure to become a luxury “home away from home” for expatriates and domestic residents – and provide investors with an excellent footing within the Bali property market with immediate earning potential.

Some Background on NILA Residence:-

NILA Residence offers beautifully designed and long-lasting affordable homes with solid investment potential. Located in a private cul-de-sac, these villas rest in the heart of Berawa, neighbouring the island’s top schools and top recreational centre – all two minutes from seven of Bali’s top beach clubs.

Consisting of affordable 2,3,4 or 6-bedroom homes made with earthy materials and bespoke interiors, NILA Residence ensures elevated living as well as strong returns through rental revenue.

NILA Residence is just steps away from top international schools and recreational facilities such as Finns Recreational Club – complete with a water park, bowling, indoor trampoline park, full-sized football pitch and accompanying restaurants & clubhouse.

NILA Residence – Archway Entrance

The Design Behind NILA Residence

NILA Residence was intricately designed by renowned French Designer Alexia Dubus. Her creative style has brought her popularity all over the world. With her previous designs for Mirah Investment & Development – including Secana Beachtown and Kuara – it’s no surprise she was able to provide a spectacular design for NILA Residence.

Tell me about your ethos for Nila Residence.

“I want NILA to promote a healthy mentality for the people living there. So, I designed NILA to be more ‘earthy.’ The interior contains lots of wood structures and many plants—like the drape lens and the greenery of the garden—to ensure that you feel cozy at home. The design is minimalist, but it is extremely precise.”

“I wanted to create an easy channel for people to be able to come together and enjoy the environment.”

“It’s also very user-friendly. The villas create a community with easy access from inside to outside. I wanted a balance between the interior and exterior. You can be sitting at the pool bar and be able to talk to someone cooking in the kitchen, you know? You can read your book by the pool, relax and tan, yet still have a conversation with the people inside; it’s a friendly atmosphere.”

NILA Residence – Private Villa Pool

NILA Residence also features grandiose entrances with unique massive archways. These entrances integrate glass blocks into the walls and produce a special look that Alexia ensures will “be inviting to guests with its openness and friendliness.”

NILA Residence – Study Room

What is the theme behind NILA?

“The designs are so minimalist but with lighter colors and earthy tones, it becomes a mix of Mediterranean and Asian. So suddenly, these smaller spaces become very welcoming and gorgeous with all the spaciousness and textures. The whole tropical vibe is what we are going for.”

“I designed NILA to be a safe space for all kinds of people…”

“Another theme to NILA is what I call a ‘pure home’. Each villa is very private and functional. Anything you would need in a home you can find at the residencies we’ve created. I designed NILA to be a safe space for all kinds of people — families, friends, couples, roommates – anyone who stays in these villas will feel as though they are in a comfortable and relaxing environment.”

NILA Residence – 4-bedroom Living Room

How will NILA benefit investors?

“Well, it’s in a perfect location and it fits everybody. What more could you want? You can either live in the villa yourself and be close to everything in a beautiful house with relaxing vibes, or you can rent it out for people on holidays and they have access to the best accommodation Bali has to offer. Either way it’s a win-win.”

“Each villa is personal to you and what you want your experience to be.”

“NILA is a community. That’s why it’s so special compared to other projects we have done in the past. You have the option to be relaxed in a private, extravagant villa or explore around Berawa and interact with neighbors right across the cul-de-sac. Each villa is personal to you and what you want your experience to be.”

NILA Residence – Bedroom

Why NILA Residence?

“We recognized a gap in the Bali property market. There is strong demand, from both expatriates and domestic residents, who are looking for high-quality, well-constructed residential properties,” explains President Director, Adrian Savage. “There is a shortage in the market, especially in the popular, high-demand area of Canggu & Berawa for exclusive residential complexes with the security & investment potential that it affords.”

“In just a few short months Nila Residence is over 60% sold out – that is with zero marketing! All purchases have been done by our existing client database, which, I think speaks volumes, about the company trust & reliability,” he continued to say.

Nila Residence neighbours the Finns Recreational Club – owners of Nila Residence received a complimentary 3-year membership to the recreational club with access to their incredible facilities including a waterpark, gym, tennis courts, bowling alley, trampoline park and much more.

Villas at Nila Residence have the flexibility to be used as a full-time live-in home, or as an earning investment property.  The residential complex not only has an incredible design, location, and community, but it also maximizes returns on investments. Being located in an area with extreme land value appreciation, owners can expect significant short-term & long-term appreciation on their Bali property.

In addition, NILA Residence offers an optional flexible management program, which makes use of Mirah Investment & Development’s extensive hospitality team & their expertise, should owners wish to rent out their property.

NILA Residence – 6-bedroom Living Room

All purchases with Mirah Investment & Development include end-to-end legal & financial services, including structuring foreign asset ownership – ensuring all paperwork & certification is complete and legalized, which protects and secures your investment & assets.

For more information, contact us now to schedule a zoom call with our company directors and secure your home today.


Written by Kaitlyn Wallace.