Mirah Investment and Development is proud to announce its participation in the ROW for R.O.L.E event in Bali.

As both participants and sponsors, the real estate developer is taking an active role in supporting the community and fostering sustainable development on the island. The annual event, organized by the R.O.L.E. Foundation, is dedicated to empowering marginalized women and promoting environmental conservation in the region.

The R.O.L.E. Foundation‘s mission aligns closely with Mirah’s commitment to environmental conservation. By participating in the ROW for R.O.L.E. event, Mirah is helping to support the foundation’s zero waste and environmental conservation programs, which aim to reduce plastic pollution, restore coastal ecosystems, and promote sustainable practices among local businesses.

In addition to their focus on the environment, R.O.L.E is also dedicated to enabling marginalised women in Bali by providing them with education, vocational training and employment opportunities. Through their skills-based programs, the foundation assists these women in gaining the confidence and tools they need to become financially independent and contribute positively to their communities.

Last year’s Row for R.O.L.E event raised over 1 billion Rupiah, lifting over 100 local women out of poverty. The Bali WISE program, which is an initiative by R.O.L.E, identifies these promising young women via local schools across Indonesia when their academic potential and motivation are recognised, despite facing limited opportunities and living in poverty. Without the support of R.O.L.E, these bright young women may be susceptible to early marriage, childbearing and in the worst cases, trafficking. This is why Row for R.O.L.E is so important, it’s a way to break the cycle of poverty and make a major difference in the community.

Mirah Investment & Development is not only a proud sponsor of the event, but employees Sinead MacCana, Alexis Santafe and more, will also be participating in the long-distance kayak, along with Jordan Cooper from Rise&Run. The kayak is not an easy feat, starting at the Hyatt in Sanur to its sister hotel on Nusa Dua.

Sinead MacCana, General Manager of Health and Wellness at Mirah said of the event, “When you give a young adult access to higher education, you change the projection of that person’s world and their community. I’ve decided to tackle the role with the help of my Rise&Run club and Mirah Investment and Development co-workers. Real change doesn’t happen alone which is why we are ready to take on the opportunity to tackle this row and do our bit.”

Mirah Investment and Development recognizes the importance of investing in the local community and the environment for a sustainable future. Through their participation and sponsorship of the ROW for R.O.L.E. event, Mirah is taking a proactive approach to fostering positive change in Bali. By supporting the R.O.L.E. Foundation’s initiatives, Mirah is not only contributing to the social and economic development of the island but also protecting its precious natural resources for generations to come.

Mirah Investment and Development is proud to row alongside other teams in the ROW for R.O.L.E. event and support the R.O.L.E. Foundation’s vital work. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for the people and the environment of Bali.

To learn more about the ROW for R.O.L.E. event and the R.O.L.E. Foundation, please visit their website at https://rolefoundation.org/rowforrole2023.