The “Investing in Paradise” seminar hosted at the recently opened Secana Beachtown, successfully shed light on key investment strategies to maximise returns in Bali’s luxury property market.

BALI, INDONESIA – February 13, 2024

Mirah Investment & Development’s recent “Investing in Paradise” seminar, hosted at the popular Secana Beachtown, has significantly illuminated the path for potential investors into Bali’s thriving property market.

The seminar, led by Elliot Sheehan, International Sales Director, drew keen interest from a diverse group of attendees eager to explore the lucrative opportunities in the Bali property market.

The engaging seminar served as a comprehensive guide, navigating the complexities and opportunities within Bali’s real estate investment sphere, particularly focusing on hotel property investment compared to standalone villa properties.

Bali Investment Seminar a Resounding Success
Investing in Paradise

A spotlight was cast on the upcoming SOMOSHOTELS Uluwatu development, meanwhile, Secana Beachtown was showcased as a prime example of the company’s commitment to pioneering excellence and innovation in the real estate development sector.

Secana Beachtown with 32 loft apartments, 58 villas, and 3 restaurants, including a rooftop pool club, as well as a gym, spa, & and co-working space, located a stone’s throw from the famous Berawa Beach, is now fully operational and generating a passive income for the units’ owners

SOMOSHOTELS Uluwatu, the inaugural project of the newly established SOMOSHOTELS brand, located in the popular Bingin, Uluwatu region of southern Bali – is a 250-room lifestyle hotel with an extensive commercial area including creative content studios, pool club, and much more. Units are offered to investors interested in a passive income-generating asset with earning projections of 13% NET ROI per annum.

somoshotel swimming pool 3d render
250-room upcoming lifestyle hotel in the south of Bali

Attendees of the seminar were treated to an immersive and enlightening experience, beginning with delectable refreshments courtesy of Beachtown Grocer. The event culminated in an exclusive cocktail and canapés session at A La Folie’s rooftop pool club, against the backdrop of Berawa’s breathtaking sunset. The event not only provided a unique insight into the vibrant prospects of Bali’s property and tourism markets but also facilitated a platform for networking among participants.

Elliot Sheehan expressed his enthusiasm about the seminar’s success, stating, “The remarkable turnout and the level of engagement we’ve seen today are indicative of the growing interest and confidence in Bali’s hotel property market.”

secana beachtown with ocean view
Seminar hosted at recently opened Secana Beachtown
Berawa, Bali

Adding to this sentiment, Jonathan Hedar, Chairman of Mirah Investment & Development, highlighted, “The growing trajectory of Bali’s property and tourism sectors is unmistakable. Today’s seminar has been pivotal in offering crucial insights and showcasing Mirah’s leading role in this growth narrative, presenting unmatched opportunities for investors.”

The seminar emphasized the critical importance of understanding Bali’s unique property investment landscape, spotlighting both the potential pitfalls and the promising opportunities. As Bali’s property market continues to burgeon, Mirah Investment & Development stands committed to guiding investors through the nuances of investing in this tropical paradise. The company stands as a vanguard of shaping the future of lifestyle hospitality and real estate investment in Bali.

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